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JPA 2.0 - Early Review
A few days ago, JSR-317, the specification request for JPA 2.0, released an early draft review of the specification. Today I had the chance to skim through it to see what new things it had to offer. Something I commented on in an earlier blog post ...
10:15:00 PM
JPA 2.0 - New features - Part 1
In my previous blog post I wrote about asking the JPA presenter at the Sun Tech Days if JPA will support collections of basic types. I've now done some research of my own and found that most of the features that I miss most in JPA, compared to ...
12:16:00 PM
Sun on JPA
A few weeks ago I attended the Sun Tech Days in Sydney. I was pretty impressed with the breakfast they provided. In fact, all the food was great. The whole place had a really geeky feel to it, and I really liked that too. However, the presentations ...
6:25:00 PM