Welcome to Roped In, Beth and James' blog on how they've been roped in by God to serve him in Germany and beyond. We will use this blog as a place to tell people about the challenges and joys we are facing, and how God is providing us with all we need to do his work.


The bulk of our preparation is currently in reading. The books that we have read so far and are currently reading are:

  • John Piper - Let the Nations be Glad
  • Naomi Reed - My Seventh Monsoon
  • Patrick Johnstone - The Church is Bigger Than You Think
  • David Bentley-Taylor - My Love Must Wait
  • Jim Cromarty - King of the Cannibals


We are praying that this semester we'll be able to do the Perspectives on the World Christian Movement course. Please pray that God would give us an opportunity that fits in with Beth's study and our other commitments to do this course this semester.

Latest from the Flechsig's

We have heard good news from Daniel in Kenya. The Lichterfelde Evangelisch-Freikirchliche Gemeinde (Evangelical Free Church) has been confirmed as the location of the church plant. The Flechsig's will be restarting this church, to be a church run in a similar style to Mavuno Church, the church that Daniel is currently training at in Kenya. Several members of the Lichtefelde EFG congregation will be heading to Kenya to learn about Mavuno.

We have also heard that there are two German families who have confirmed that they will be joining the Flechsig's in the church plant.

Learning German

Our prime source of German language education over the past 6 months has been at the German Bible Cafe, a bible study group meeting at St Matthias. This has now finished up with leaders of it moving to Melbourne for missionary training. We are not sure what God wants us to do next with our German language education, whether he wants us to go to German classes or not. Pray that God would guide us in this.

Prayer Points

  • that we'll be able to do the perspectives course.
  • that Dan and Nancy will be able to find a house when they move to Berlin in 3 weeks.
  • that we'll be able to build a solid support network before going to Germany.