The date has been set! We are flying to Germany on the 10th of August, and are in the process of applying for visas. We have also moved out of our Eastwood apartment and have moved into Beth's parents place in Castle Hill. Preparation has been heating up as we do lots of paperwork relating to moving and tying up accounts in Australia.

It's not long now till we say our goodbyes and head for Berlin. We are getting very excited about living overseas and serving God in this amazing opportunity. It will be a huge challenge but also a massive time of growth as we learn what it's like to serve God cross-culturally and work with a team of people from various cultures in the church plant.

We've been in contact with Pastor Dan recently via Skype and will Skype him again soon. He's been really helpful and has offered to have us stay with him until we find an apartment. He is even going to help us find an apartment and has shared with us a job opportunity for Beth. The potential job on offer is at an international school right next door to the church. Getting this job would be very convenient and a huge blessing for Beth as she hopes to teach English over there.

Beth has finished her studies and is enjoying being able to catch up with people before she leaves. James continues to work and his last day at work is the 30th July. We then head to Canberra for a week or so to catch up with various family members. We have finished the Perspectives course and both really enjoyed it and got lots out of it. We were especially encouraged about how to go about discipling others. We look forward to putting our knowledge from the course into action.

Our next event, "Pretzel und Strudel Nacht" is on Wednesday 6th July at 7:30-9:30. It will be in the St. Paul's Castle Hill Foyer. We will be sharing the latest news, answering any questions and praying for the church plant. It will also be a time to share in the excitement and have some tasty German food. We look forward to having you there.

Prayer Points

Please Pray:

  • that we'd continue to raise prayer support in the final 5 weeks before we depart.
  • for the people of berlin and that God would be softening their hearts and preparing them to hear God's word.
  • for the team of church planters that we'd work cooperatively and effectively.
  • for Pastor Dan and his wife and child Nancy and Ferdinand; for blessings on their lives and for energy and passion to serve God through the church plant.

Thanks for your continued support and prayers. We have been so encouraged by you all.