I've chosen the title of this blog post very deliberately because I want people who are looking for fair trade coffee in the Sydney CBD to be able to find something when they search Google for it.

Fair Trade Logo

I started working in the city a week ago, and one of my first tasks has been to find a coffee shop that sells fair trade coffee. Of course, there are the big chains, including Starbucks, which incidentally is participating in fair trade fortnight in May, and Jamaica Blue, with its fair trade blend. But neither of those is really that close to my office, and I've never really liked the coffee from the big chains as much as I do from the small cafes. So I did a search in Google to see what I could find.

I was quite disappointed. I couldn't find any lists of cafes anywhere, apart from the Oxfam website, and the Fair Trade Association website. And the only cafes in the CBD they had were Starbucks and Jamaica Blue.

After searching a little harder, I found the voodoo coffee company, which supplies a number of cafes in the Sydney CBD, and they have a fair trade blend. I've emailed them asking them which stores they sell fair trade coffee to, but I read that on occasion, Pulse Cafe on Kent Street (right near my work) has sold the fair trade blend.

Does anyone know of any other cafes in the Sydney CBD that sell fair trade coffee?


I tried out Pulse this morning, and found that they only sell fair trade coffee. Not only that, but the coffee was really good, and only $2.50. So my mission is accomplished. However feel free to add comments of other fair trade coffee places you know of so we can make a comprehensive list.