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Thai Cooking

One of the best experiences I've had so far on this trip was doing a Thai cooking course. No one from my tour wanted to do it, instead I ended up doing it with an Intrepid group, there were 6 of us in all. We started off by going to the markets and buying most of the ingredients needed for what we were cooking. Our instructor explained to us what the different spices were, and showed us different vegies, and taught us how to recognise which ones were good and which weren't. We also saw them make coconut cream and coconut milk fresh for us.

At the cooking course, I made pad thai, thai spicy soup, green curry, and banana in coconut milk. The food was amazing, best Thai food I've had in Thailand! It was also incredibly quick to cook, I never realised it was so quick to make Thai food properly. When I get back to Australia I am definitely seeking out all the ingredients to make the food, it's almost as quick as unfreezing the frozen meals I usually make.

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