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RIP #herring

#herring, the long standing meeting place for many of ANU's 2004 software engineering graduates, has passed away. Born in 2002, on the Australian IRC network, #herring has been a lively channel for keeping in contact, arguing about meaningless topics, and a nice distraction from a busy days work. #herring, the solid backbone of a friendship group, you will be missed.

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Hi! My name is James Roper, and I am a software developer with a particular interest in open source development and trying new things. I program in Scala, Java, PHP, Python and Javascript, and I work for Lightbend as a developer on Lagom. I also have a full life outside the world of IT, am a passionate Christian, enjoy playing a variety of musical instruments and sports, and currently I live in Canberra.

I also have a another blog called Roped In about when my wife and I lived in Berlin for a year to help a church reconnect with its city.