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Atlassian Stimulus Package

For five days only, you can buy 5 user licenses of the full versions of JIRA and Confluence for only $5. This includes full support for a year, and renewal will only ever cost you $5. Furthermore, all revenue raised from the promotion goes to charity. What a great way for small teams to sneak Confluence and JIRA into their companies! It's also great for people that want them for personal use but would like a few more than 2 users.

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Hi! My name is James Roper, and I am a software developer with a particular interest in open source development and trying new things. I program in Scala, Java, Go, PHP, Python and Javascript, and I work for Lightbend as the architect of Kalix. I also have a full life outside the world of IT, enjoy playing a variety of musical instruments and sports, and currently I live in Canberra.